Rabu, Julai 30, 2014

Selamat Datang

We present to you the very unique advertising, marketing and promoting medium that ensures you great ties and partnership with the Government of Malaysia, the ePerolehan Direktori.


The ePerolehan Direktori was produced by Commerce Dot Com, a thriving e-Commerce company and the only corporation given the grant by the Government to create the country’s very own e-procurement portal, ePerolehan. In short, pioneers of procurement.

Our Story

The ePerolehan Direktori was launched for all Government Agencies in 2005 to complement suppliers’ existing marketing efforts. It is the leading source of information for Government procurement activities and supplier registration with the Ministry of Finance. It offers your business an affordable, reliable and user-friendly marketing tool to reach your customers.

The 6th edition of the ePerolehan Direktori comes in a new format of book and CD. It has been re-designed into a smaller and more compact layout, making it a more convenient reference guide.

The ePerolehan Direktori is an extensive directory created especially for the ePerolehan Community with major highlights which includes:
• ePerolehan Community Guide for Government Agencies and Suppliers in Malaysia.
• Comprehensive profiles of over 70,000 companies.
• Informative, up-to-date and useful articles on Government news and policies.
• Endorsed by the Ministry of Finance (MOF).
• More than 15,000 circulation for Government users and 150,000 Government suppliers nationwide
• Available in both print and CD

For advertising opportunities, please visit our website at www.eperolehandirektori.com.my, email Alamat email ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Perlukan JavaScript untuk melihatnya or send us your Order Form with full contact information. Our representative will contact you for a no-obligation consultation.