Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Is Sennego?

Sennego is an electronic procurement system developed by Commerce Access Sdn. Bhd.  to facilitate the acquisition of any non-governmental agencies and semi-governmental, that wishes to use the system.

The system is developed to change the procurement process from the manual and traditional way of procurement to an electronic procurement via Internet. Agencies that uses this system will indirectly facilitate and expedite the procurement activities as well as promoting the efficiency of procurement by utilizing the services provided in the system.

In order for suppliers to deal with agencies that is using Sennego system, suppliers need to apply via online registration through Sennego system. To find out more information regarding the registration, please click here. As to date, there are nine available agencies that currently linked to the system.

The system allow suppliers o upload their catalogues of product and services, receive, manage and process purchase orders through the Internet. These catalogues will than be available for searching and access by all the agencies listed in the system.

Not only that, suppliers would also be able to participate in many quotations, tender, eBidding invitions from the agencies.


Features Sennego:

  • Registration of supplier and company profile management
  • Supplier management - allowing administrators to manage users who are involved in the company's procurement.
  • Application ”Bidang”
  • Management of the Marketplace - suppliers can participate in various Marketplace
  • Catalog Management
  • Alert Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Search Engine

Benefits of Sennego to be added in the future:

  • Trade Leads Management
  • Merit / demerit for the supplier performance module
  • Business Intelligence
  • B2B online transactions
  • Message Broadcast


Sennego in future :

  • Vision: The first procurement portal in Malaysia with international standards and adopted by all suppliers, contractors and organizations that have registered.
  • Mission: Ensuring Sennego to be the main procurement platform used by suppliers and linked to non-government agencies by efficiency and effectiveness of online maintaining the systems.